Enjoy cafe Restaurant In Bali | Food Menu, Address, etc.

Enjoy Cafe Restaurant:

Enjoy Cafe II Restaurant A cozy cafe with a comfortable environment. it’s II Located 16.6 km from Bali, it can take up to 41 minutes. In search of a beautiful (sunset) view, this is the perfect restaurant! Good quality Indonesian food at low prices. The family is very friendly and kind. this is the perfect restaurant! Great quality Indonesian food for a cheap price. Their family is really welcoming and kind.

The best homemade food from scratch you can find in Munduk! The family that runs this place is very sweet. Come when you are not in a hurry because they prepare everything fresh. Everything you will order will be delicious, especially the fried corn fritters. Try hot chocolate with (homemade) coconut milk while watching the sun go down – a dream! Will come back again and again. while watching the sunset – a dream! Would come back again and again.

Great homemade food and friendly (family) staff. Even though you will have to wait a little longer than usual, it’s worth it – everything is freshly made! The menu is based on Indonesian food and you may find there is a slightly wider selection than in a regular warung. Although you have to wait for it a bit longer than usual. The menu is Indonesian meal based and you can find there a bit broader selection than in regular warungs. So, You can visit to this cafe restaurent and will be spend better life, get all kind of healthy food in bali of Indonesia.

Location and Map:

Dinas Bulakan, Jl. Pura Puseh, Munduk, Kec. Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152, Indonesia


  • Contact Number: +6281239100986
  • Address: Dinas Bulakan, Jl. Pura Puseh, Munduk, Kec. Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152, Indonesia
  • Website: Click Here to Visit Website
  • Email: N/A
  • Facebook Page: N/A
  • Menu and Prise: See Menu List Click Here
  • Place an Order: +6281239100986
  • Rating: 5.00
  • Open & closed Hours:
Monday1:00 PM10 PM
Tuesday1:00 PM10 PM
Wednesday1:00 PM10 PM
Thursday1:00 PM10 PM
Friday1:00 PM10 PM
Saturday1:00 PM10 PM
Sunday1:00 PM10 PM

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