Best Restaurants and Foods in Cox’s Bazar | Location, Map, Facilities etc.

Restaurants and food the first thing that comes to mind are When it comes to travel. Below are some restaurant details for your convenience so that you don’t have to worry about food and restaurants when visiting Cox’s Bazar. there are most restaurants, popular foods, locations, and many more facilities.

1. Sea Lamp Beach Cafe :

Sea Lamp Beach Cafe Restaurant offers a seasonally updated menu with a great selection of entrants from pizza, pasta, chicken, burgers, snacks, sandwiches, and contemporary Bangladeshi menus. Also, accepts special meal requests from customers. In addition, it ensures low-calorie foods. Also, provides food for vegetarians.

Restaurant Sea Lamp Beach Cafe Food
Sea Lamp Beach Cafe food
  • Contact Number:  +8801811599865
  •  Address: Near At Alif Kolatoli Circle, Main Drive Road, Kolatoli New Sea Beach, 470Official
  • Google Map: Click Here to View Google map
  • Website: Click Here to Visit Website
  • Email: N/A
  • Menu: N/A
  • Place an Order: +8801811-599865
  • Rating: 4.1 Out of 5.00
  • HOURS:
Tuesday11 AM12:30 AM
Wednesday11 AM12 AM
Thursday10 AM12 AM
Friday12 PM12:30 AM
Saturday10 AM12 AM
Sunday11 AM12:30 AM
Monday11 AM12:30 AM

2. Mermaid Cafe :

Mermaid Cafe The only marine cafe on the beach in Cox’s Bazar with music as a backdrop. The cafe management is strict in providing organic food and is well known for felicitation guests. Local food, seafood, Asian, the vegetarian-friendly lovely red menu features Bengali, Thai, and Indian food.

 Restaurant of Mermaid Cafe
Mermaid Cafe Food

3. EFC-A Live Fish Restaurant :

EFC-A Live Fish Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Cox’s Bazar. One of the special aspects of this restaurant is that you can make fresh food in the way you would like it to be. It is very good for lunch and dinner. You will also get a variety of cooked seafood, Asian, Bangladeshi food. The quality of cooking is very good. The place is very spacious and there is a lot of free space for children to play.

Wednesday9 AM10:30 PM
Thursday9 AM10:30 PM
Friday9 AM10:30 PM
Saturday9 AM10:30 PM
Sunday9 AM10:30 PM
Monday9 AM10:30 PM
Tuesday9 AM10:30 PM

4. Salt Bistro & Cafe Restaurant:

Perfectly positioned just a few steps away from the sea at Cox’s Bazar, Salt Bistro & Cafe offers the finest seafood preparation, fresh off the boat.You can just relax in the cafe with a cup of freshly brewed coffee while enjoying some lovely music from the shelves and flipping through an interesting novel. Salt Bistro & Cafe is the spot for you at Cox’s Bazar if you want a place to relax and indulge in some freshly cooked dishes while sipping on a refreshing drink.

Salt Bistro & Cafe Food
Wednesday11 AM11 PM
Thursday11 AM11 PM
Friday11 AM11 PM
Saturday11 AM11 PM
Sunday11 AM11 PM
Monday11 AM11 PM
Tuesday11 AM11 PM

5. Casablanca Restaurant :

At the Casablanca Restaurant, you can enjoy everything from local seafood to European cuisine and international menus, with Simon’s Moroccan-inspired interior. The restaurant serves a variety of international cuisine and traditional local dishes.

Restaurant of Casablanca
Casablanca Restaurant
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours
SaturdayOpen 24 hours
SundayOpen 24 hours
MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours

6. Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant:

Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant has made Cox’s Bazar much bigger for Bengali food. The delicious quality food and the captivating use of the staff attract the tourists.

Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant
Wednesday7 AM12:30 AM
Thursday7 AM12:30 AM
Friday7 AM12:30 AM
Saturday7 AM12:30 AM
Sunday7 AM12:30 AM
Monday7 AM12:30 AM
Tuesday7 AM12:30 AM

7. Poushee Hotel & Restaurant:

Poushi Hotel & Restaurant is one of the traditional restaurants in Cox’s Bazar. You will be able to eat as much as you want. The prices are cheap and reasonable. This restaurant has taken up a lot of space for tourists.

Poushee Hotel & Restaurant Food
Wednesday7 AM11:30 PM
Thursday7 AM11:30 PM
Friday7 AM11:30 PM
Saturday7 AM11:30 PM
Sunday7 AM11:30 PM
Monday7 AM11:30 PM
Tuesday7 AM11:30 PM

8. Sun Dancer Cafe Restaurant :

Health and safety, Measures were taken here, Reservations required mask required, Temperature check required, Staff wear masks, Staff get temperature checks, Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits, Service options, Curbside pickup, No-contact delivery

Sun Dancer Cafe Food
Wednesday9 AM12 AM
Thursday9 AM12 AM
Friday9 AM12 AM
Saturday9 AM12 AM
Sunday9 AM12 AM
Monday9 AM12 AM
Tuesday9 AM12 AM

9.Shawarma King Restaurant:

Shawarma King Restaurant is one of the most fast food restaurant in Cox’s Bazar. It is also famous for its Thai and Chinese recipes.

Shawarma King Restaurant
Wednesday12 PM12 AM
Thursday12 PM12 AM
Friday12 PM12 AM
Saturday12 PM12 AM
Sunday12 PM12 AM
Monday12 PM12 AM
Tuesday12 PM12 AM

10.Niribili Restaurant:

Niribili Orchid is a traditional Bengali restaurant in Cox’s Bazar. Niribili is a decent restaurant in Cox’s Bazar that serves Bangladeshi cooking styles. Accordingly, they have a wealth of options ranging from mashed, fried, dried, fried, curry, and other nutritional items.

  • Contact Number: +8801818785065
  • Address: New Beach Rd, Cox’s Bazar
  • Google Map: Click Here to View Google map
  • Website: Click Here to Visit Website
  • Email: N/A
  • Menu: N/A
  • Place an Order: 01818-785065
  • Rating: 3.7 Out of 5.00
  • HOURS:
Wednesday8:30 AM11:30 PM
Thursday8:30 AM11:30 PM
Friday8:30 AM11:30 PM
Saturday8:30 AM11:30 PM
Sunday8:30 AM11:30 PM
Monday8:30 AM11:30 PM
Tuesday8:30 AM11:30 PM

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